Skills That You Can Acquired In Life

This is a list of skills that exist in this world that you might want to know in case you have a lot free time and don’t know what else to do or if you just wondering how you can be more useful in this world. This is just a few skills that exist and does not grouped by the types of skill. There are personal skills, people skills and others but I don’t really know it either. I will update the list and info in this article frequently so it will be up-to-date or suitable with the time-movement.

How to acquire this skill:
1. Watch youtube
2. Take course online eg. Udemy
3. Just search the web; there’s tons of it

Below is the link on how to tackle skill you want to :

1. Repair just about anything

2. Painting

3. Photography Learn to take great picture eg. basic lightnig, iso, angle, speed shutter, etc.

4. Learn to defend yourself

5. Improve your design skill

6. Take some course online (some even give you certificate once you completed the course)

7. Play new instrument

8. Cook like a pro

9. Became fluent in new language Learn how to communicate in another language. Many people speak English, but learning a second language can open many new doors for you.

10. Make a website

11. Make an app

12. Make a blog

13. Learn coding

14. Get better at using photoshop

15. Improve public speaking skill

16. Study law(help you a lot through living, maybe)

17. Entrepreneurship

18. Learn video production
19. Improve math skill
Basic First Aid Skill
Understand Basic Psychology
22. Body Language
23. Learning how to design great Powerpoint
Make youtube video
25. Improve your memory (you have to keep your mind sharp)
26. Learn how to make a mobile games
27. Start reading faster
28. Start typing faster
29. Plant own veggies
30. Get basic handle of statistic
Make your own music
Start drawing!
33. Make your own animated GIF
Write well
Learn to knit
36. Get started with investing in stocks.
37. Start practicing yoga

38. Basic marketing skills.Learn what aniche is. Concentrate on what people want, not what you want. Learn the basics of copywriting. Learn about Internet marketing (mailing lists, blogging, Twitter, social networking). Find out what branding is about.

39. Creating and managing websites.You can outsource the management of your websites, but it’s better to learn the basics yourself. Also study SEO(search engine optimization), and learn how important it is to choose your words carefully, how to structure your websites, and why getting linked to your sites is important.

40. Personal finance.Understand how adopting a frugal lifestyle will earn you pennies. Learn how to budget your money.

41. One sport or physical activity.This is for maintaining your physical health as well as understanding the importance of basics. It’s important to learn to take your mind off your work.

42. Getting interested in reading books.Good books are the best and most accessible source of theoretical knowledge. They’re affordable too. Public libraries are free. Learn to love books.

43. How to tell jokes.Study humor. Humor can make people feel good and comfortable.

44. Developing a sense of fashion.Look clean. Your outfit is the primary generator of first impressions. Fashion can also be an effective tool in branding (look at Steve Jobs).

45. Taking interest in constant self-improvement.Take time, every day, to develop yourself towards the kind of person you want to be.

46. Understanding that schools don’t guarantee success.It’s often faster and more effective to learn things by yourself. Higher education is good, but I think it’s overrated. The key to your success is you.

47. Getting interested in people.People will notice if they see that you are genuinely interested in them. Be the one who initiates relationships.

48. How to say “no.”And do it politely. It’s okay to refuse a request as long as you can be polite about it. People prefer to work with honest individuals who know what they want. A person who always says yes is apparently either afraid to say no or doesn’t know what he or she is after. Both cases pose disadvantages to the other party, apart from yourself.

49. Smiling.“Charles Schwab told [Dale Carnegie] his smile had been worth a million dollars. And he was probably understating the truth. For Schwab’s personality, his charm, his ability to make people like him, were almost wholly responsible for his extraordinary success.”

50. Positive thinking.If you stay negative throughout your pursuits for success, you will most likely never arrive at the desired outcome. Learn to turn negative thoughts into positive ones. You must learn this skill.

51. How to interact with people individually.Every person is different. Some people need special handling, so you should learn to quickly identify different personality types and react accordingly.

52. Quick decision-making.Be resolute. Know what you want. Don’t waste any more time than needed to make a decision. Trust your instincts.

53. Learn sign-language

54. Planning skill

55. Learning magic tricks


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